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Complex Problems. Practical Solutions.

The law doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our legal solutions account for factors such as cost, commercial realities and the emotional burden. We are transparent about the value of our solutions and we let you decide if it is worth it.

Veteran Experience. Youthful Exuberance.

Our team is led by senior lawyers who have seen (and been a big part of) it all. Where they have been slowed by age, the next generation works tirelessly with the guidance of our veterans to make their mark in the legal industry.

Our Expertise

In The News

Drug Case Man Freed

Successfully obtained an acquittal for our client at the Court of Appeal, reversing the decision of the High Court to sentence him to death for trafficking heroin.

We were successful in our appeal by showing that the alleged confession that the High Court had relied on had in fact been coerced from our client by a threat from the Police.




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Definition Saves Man From Gallows

Successfully obtained an acquittal at the High Court for our client who was facing the death penalty for trafficking cannabis mixture. This acquittal was later upheld at the Court of Appeal. We were successful in mounting our defence which rested entirely on the argument that the substance in our client’s possession did not fit the definitions of cannabis or cannabis mixture.            


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Court Rules Man To Recover $1.62m

Successfully obtained judgement of $1.62 million for our client.

We were successful at the High Court in proving that our clients’ claims were more probable than the claims of the Defendant. We managed to do this through rigorous cross-examination that exposed the many inconsistencies in the Defendant’s case. The Defendant’s appeal against this decision was also dismissed by the Appellate Division of the High Court.

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