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Practice Areas

Criminal Defence

When charged with or investigated for a criminal offence, engaging a lawyer is necessary for the adequate protection of your rights. Our lawyers will help you navigate and understand the criminal process, while advocating for your protection to the greatest extent of the law.

Corporate Advisory

Engaging a good lawyer can make the difference between turning a profit and making a loss. Our lawyers are experienced with corporate matters which demand foresight, precision and market know-how in drafting documents for and advising our clients.

Wills & Probate, Estate Administration

Estate planning ensures that our loved ones are looked after following our passing. Our firm assists our clients with their wealth succession plans by drafting and preparing their wills in accordance to their instructions so as to enable and facilitate effective distribution of their estate following their demise.

Dispute Resolution

Individuals and businesses frequently come into dispute. A good lawyer is important ensure that your rights are protected and interests advanced. Our lawyers strive to offer win-win  cost-effective solutions, beyond just obtaining court judgments.

Family Law

A good lawyer understands the conflict and emotional pains of separation and violence, and will seek the best outcome for you and your children. Our firm is experienced in Divorces (Contested or Uncontested), Personal Protection Orders, Maintenance Orders and Custody, Care and Control Orders.

About our Firm

Complex Problems. Practical Solutions.

The law doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our legal solutions account for factors such as cost, commercial realities and the emotional burden. We are transparent about the value of our solutions and we let you decide if it is worth it.

Veteran Experience. Youthful Exuberance.

Our team is led by senior lawyers who have seen (and been a big part of) it all. Where they have been slowed by age, the next generation works tirelessly with the guidance of our veterans to make their mark in the legal industry.

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