Kyra Theophila


Tel: +65 6255 4911

Practice Trainee

 Kyra Theophila is a practice trainee. She received her LLB from the National University of Singapore with Second (Upper) Division Class Honours. She is expected to be called to the bar in August 2021. 


Kyra is meticulous and analytical, both in her work and her communication. Committed to understanding processes deeply and truly, she had represented Singapore at the 26th International Biology Olympiad, reinforcing her discipline in learning and applying technical knowledge.


She has a keen interest in criminal law, including defending accused persons in drug, traffic and hurt cases. The protection of people from unfair or unjust treatment is her biggest motivation. She is particularly invested in advocating for the rights of those who have been accused by the State, and understands how overwhelming and complicated the process can be.

As a conscientious believer in criminal justice, she had sat in one of the nine seats of the Executive Committee of the Criminal Justice Club during her time in university. She made an effort to make criminal law accessible, teaching secondary school students basic criminal law and ensuring the club’s accessibility to the public.


Beyond criminal law, Kyra is deeply invested in constitutional and public issues. She understands that it is not just accused persons who will have to negotiate their rights against the State. Many citizens of Singapore also face struggles when dealing with the law because of their circumstance, whether it be getting married, finding employment or speaking about matters they care about. She hopes to make a case for the protection of such persons against discrimination.

Kyra has also assisted in probate, contract, corporate and civil matters, thanks to the variety of clients Phoenix Law Corporation attends to. She also has an interest in copyright and trademark disputes, in particular intellectual property concerned with media and entertainment.


  • Drafting of mitigation plea, where accused successfully obtained a lower sentence
  • Drafting of multimillion-dollar escrow agreement
  • Assisting in High Court civil disputes, including drafting of pleadings
  • Drafting and interpreting of wills


  • LLB (2nd Class Upper Division Honours) National University of Singapore