Criminal Law

When a person is arrested and charged with a criminal offence for the first time it is often encouraged to engage a lawyer to defend your case. We understand that individuals who go through this would experience an emotionally challenging time during investigations and court hearings.

Our firm believes that every individual who is in such a situation should be represented by lawyers. If we are engaged, our client’s interests become the goal that we would pursue.

Should clients approach us either prior to or after being charged, we will seek to assess their case in a detailed manner in order to provide proper legal advice. We will offer our knowledge of the law to our clients to assist them in their decision-making process every step of the way.

We will analyse the evidence as it presents itself to provide our clients with a fair and honest account of the case. We stress that one of our core values is to be truthful with our client with regards to the viability of a ruling in their favour. The merits of the case and the evidence prior to trial will enable us to provide effective representation to the client.

A fair trial is one in which the rules of evidence are honoured, the accused has competent counsel, and the judge enforces the proper courtroom procedures – a trial in which every assumption can be challenged” – Harry Browne

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