Family Law

If a marriage or relationship reaches a breakdown, the laws and rules surrounding family practice will take precedence and we understand that from the outset. One should be well informed about the options available at law to make informed decisions about the disputed matters of the marriage including the assets involved in the marriage and the future of the children from the marriage.

Our firm acts for matters relating to Divorces (Contested or Uncontested), Personal Protection Orders, Maintenance, Custody, Care and Control.

Our lawyers offer experienced divorce and family law representation in an effective manner by explaining the depth and nuances of family law to both our clients and the court with respect to our client’s case. 

We are well equipped to weigh your objectives with the options available at law and to render sound legal advice, realistic plans and strategies to achieve the goal that is most viable for you. Our clients are free to decide the manner in which they choose to resolve the situation. Be it through negotiations, mediations, agreements or in the courts of law, we strive to render support to our clients through these difficult decisions and represent them effectively.


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