When someone part of the family nucleus departs leaving behind property. The property or properties (‘the deceased’s estate’) must be administered and distributed by the rules provided for by the law. Save for the existence of a Will executed by the deceased. The Court will appoint a person or person(s) to be administrator(s) of the deceased’s estate. Most commonly, the administrator would be the deceased’s spouse or their next-of-kin.

Our firm assists our clients in their wealth succession plan by drafting and preparing their will in accordance to our client’s instructions. Which enable and facilitate effective distribution of their estate following their demise. We represent our clients to obtain the necessary grant of representation for the assets of the deceased to be distributed to the beneficiaries of the estate.

Our firm also represents clients in contentious estate matters such as inheritance disputes. Where the validity of a will is challenged and where claims are made by third parties against the assets of the deceased. Our lawyers endeavour to provide sound legal advice and representation for our clients. Whether they are personal representatives of the estate, beneficiaries or next-of-kin, in arriving at an amicable resolution of the dispute or through legal action in court.


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